Benefits of rose placenta

Micro Cellina For Women

The amount of effort we put into obtaining something is usually a tell-tale sign of the great benefits of such a thing. Having that in mind, rose placenta is an extremely delicate product which requires a lot of skills to harvest.  Prior to discovering it, companies have used animal placenta in order to achieve similar effects.

However, we have developed our Micro Cellina Drink for women solely from Phyto placenta found in rosebuds. This way, the product is much safer to use and it bypasses the use and exploitation of animals in the industry.

Micro cellina for women collagen drink

What will Micro Cellina Drink for women do for you?

Years of research have been done in order to find out all the amazing effects that consuming rose placenta can have for us. We have tested all of them and incorporated them in perfect proportions in our drink.

Experience tells us that by consuming Micro Cellina Drink for women regularly, you will experience its antioxidant effects that are achieved through the use of rose placenta. It has a superior antioxidant power compared to the animal placenta by which it fights the free radicals in your body. This way, it keeps your organism in optimal condition and boosts your immune system.

Wondrous effects on your skin

Likewise, rose placenta helps and stimulates Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). These substances that are also naturally found in our bodies are rightfully known as ‘the fountain of youth.’ When our skin is damaged, EGF attracts cells to the spot in question in order to kick-start our body’s healing mechanisms. EGFs have been proven to increase skin tone, elasticity and firmness.

Apart from stimulating the EGF, rose placenta also activates the keratinocytes in your skin and boosts its regeneration. By doing this, it promotes metabolism of the skin and supports its reproduction. What this means for you is that you will keep your youthful appearance with lustre and smooth texture well into your middle age.

The effects that collagen can have on our youthful appearance is well known and it is no surprise that it is added to so many drinks and cosmetics products. However, collagen is naturally present in our body and rose placenta is proven to help its production.

Rose placenta also helps to restrict the amount of melanin that your body produces. By doing this, it helps your skin to remain white and fresh and even boosts the whitening effect. This is also important because it will postpone or even eliminate the negative effects environmental factors can have on your skin.

To sum it all up, by using superior techniques of extracting rose placenta without damaging its delicate structure, we are able to incorporate it into our Micro Cellina drink for women to provide you with all of its miraculous effects in an easy and practical way. By making it a part of your daily routine you will give your skin the most important things which it needs to stay youthful, fresh and hydrated for a long time.

Micro cellina for women collagen drink

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