Why are people putting collagen into their coffees?

Have you been tirelessly browsing the internet and persistently going through health magazines in search for that one magical solution that would instantly take care of your skin problems? Well, the harsh truth is, such a product probably doesn’t exist – yet.

However, there are certain efficient products that come close enough when it comes to skin hydration, elasticity, and the reversal of inevitable skin damage caused by ageing.

What is collagen and why do we need it?

Collagen is one of the main proteins in our body, which we also find in animal connective tissue. It is composed of the amino acids proline, glycine, arginine, and hydroxyproline. That is what makes it so absolutely crucial for the wellbeing of our skin.

Collagen is tasteless and odorless and it also has no color or consistency. Unlike gelatin, it dissolves quickly and leaves no traces in your drinks. For that reason, a lot of people have been adding it to their coffees and teas to boost their health effects.

Benefits of collagen and what we recommend.

Collagen is one of the most plentiful and one of the most important proteins that we can find in our bodies. The advantages of supplementing it are numerous, but it is when it comes to skin that its true miraculous effects are most noticeable.

In terms of skin, collagen is absolutely necessary for maintaining the suppleness and elasticity that we all start losing as the ageing sets in. It helps to keep us looking youthful and wrinkle-free – and who doesn’t like that? However, as we age, the natural production of collagen in our body decreases and that is why it is important to supplement it.

The most efficient way to take collagen is orally, according to many studies done on the topic. If ingested orally, it promotes skin health, increases the moisture of the skin, and even slows down or reverses damage caused by environmental factors.

Coffeehouse Rejuvenation Coffee is one of such products that encompasses all of the benefits and combines them with the ease of use as part of your usual daily coffee intake, you will meet all of your body’s collagen needs. Studies claim that only after 8 weeks, the collagen density in the dermis (the layer of skin just under the epidermis) increases significantly and the effects become noticeable.

Coffeehouse rejuvenation anti aging coffee

On top of that, collagen also contains substantial amounts of quality protein, due to the amino acids that serve as its building blocks. This way, your appetite will remain sated for much longer and you will keep your muscles and your tissue healthy and well-nourished.

If you drink collagen in reasonable amounts every day, you will reap all the benefits with minimal effort. If you aim to collect all of the benefits that collagen offers, it is important to consume only high-quality products. Coffeehouse Rejuvenation Coffee is crafted by integrating the famous Thai herbs and Western active ingredients in order to make coffee that tastes amazing but also promotes health and skin care.


 Coffeehouse rejuvenation anti aging coffee

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